Terms and conditions shall apply to all contract for the supply of goods and services by Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd. Where it is agreed that Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd shall supply the goods and/or services to be supplied, the price payable and any other special terms agreed between parties shall be set out in the estimate. All confirmed estimates shall be subject to these terms and conditions.

  • No changes or variations to these terms and conditions or any confirmed estimate shall be effective unless agreed in writing between the parties.
  • Any typographical, clerical error or omission in any estimate, invoice or other document or information issued by the company shall be subject to correction without liability on the part of the company.
  • Delays due to material or supplier issues will reflect on he extension of project completion dates where necessary. In these situations, even though Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd will attempt to improve these lead times. If for any reason, supplies required to complete a project become unavailable, causing delays to a project, Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd will endeavour to source supplies elsewhere however they reserve the right to extend project completion date to reflect this.

Storage, Handling & Things To Consider Prior to Installation

  • Ideally store in a cool dry atmosphere. Do not store in a newly plastered room or suddenly expose to central heating or other forms of direct heat.
  • Windows / doors should not be stored in areas subject to abnormal heat, extreme dryness, humid conditions ie bathrooms, kitchens etc and or sudden changes of temperature.
  • If all of the above guidelines are followed it is ok to store our windows/doors for up to 2 weeks after delivery/collection.


  • The customer is responsible for preparing the installation site prior to the commencement of the installation including the moving and removal of any valuable or personal items.
  • The customer is responsible of ensuring that Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd has clear and safe access to the property and the work area to carry out the work.
  • Avoid fitting any Mortice locks/latches along the rail joints as this can severely weaken the integrity of your window/door and will result in your guarantee will become invalid.
  • Always use3 hinges on external doors (4 on stables). As a rule of thumb internal doors would use 3” hinges, whilst it is 4” on all external and fire doors.
  • It is the customers responsibility to obtain all necessary planning permissions prior to appointing Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd to carry out any works on their premises.

Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd will not be responsible or liable directly or indirectly for the customers failure to obtain the relevant planning permission.


  • An invoice shall be produced by Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd to the customer in accordance with the terms set out in the agreed estimate. The customer shall pay for the goods as per the schedule listed on the estimate.
  • If the parties agree that Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd has provided additional goods and services to those accepted on the original estimate then such agreement will be shown in a further estimate or in writing.

Once a project has been agreed by the customer, the price for goods and services shall be fixed for a period of 2months only. Once this period of time has lapsed Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd have the power to adjust the price for the goods and services accordingly.

Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or cheque. Cheques must be made out to Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd.

If the customer fails to make any payment on the due date then the company shall be entitled to :-

  • Suspend any further works.
  • Charge the customer interest on the overdue amount until the payment is made in full.

Monarch Joinery Frome Ltd may from time to time publish Customer/Business names or logos onto the company website purely for reviews and feedback. Customer data will never be passed onto Third Party’s unless required within the scope of the work being carried out.



We will take great care to remove the window / door from the stone surround to avoid any damage to the stone.  Due to the nature of weathered stone it can become brittle and loose.  We take no responsibility to repair the stone work if it is due to the pre existing condition of the weathered stone.